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Whether you are a coach or a player, our goal is to help YOU be your VERY BEST!

As we have already said - knowing what to do and knowing what not to do are really just the the first steps in becoming your very best.

The biggest part of being your very best is:

Teaching your body and mind to consistently perform all the skills and techniques and clearly understanding all the strategies that go into training and playing.

(that's why their are so many "Experts / arm chair quarterbacks" - it doesn't take much insight to see that someone made a mistake or needs to get better BUT to actually show someone EXACTLY what to do and how to do it to get better the armchair quarterbacks have nothing to say!) 

You need to know what you did or didn't do and HOW TO either do it again or correct it!

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Some of the services we offer or will be offering are:



- Individual video critique - see yourself play and learn what you can do better.


- Personal HOW to do and HOW to learn video training


- Individual and team training and coaching


- Coaching over the phone, Skype and Web Camera


- In depth video training modules that that will give you complete confidence as to what to do, HOW to do and HOW to learn, how to:  


  • Pass; Set; Spike; 
  • Make Shots; 
  • Block; Serve; Dig; 
  • Defensive Strategies; 
  • Offensive Strategies; 
  • And a whole lot more!!   



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