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  U of Beach Volleyball



 is extremely honored that



 Sinjin Smith



 is on our advisory board.



Without a doubt, Sinjin Smith is one of the best players to ever play beach volleyball!


Sinjin and long time partner Randy Stoklos hold the record for the most victories by a beach volleyball team.


Sinjin was integral in starting the AVP and was the president of the AVP for many years.


He also played an important role in getting beach volleyball into the Olympics.


 sinjin swing  


  Sinjin now oversees

  Olympic beach volleyball

  and the world tour

  as President of the FIVB

  beach volleyball world council.



Sinjin continues to help guide and shape beach volleyball going into the future - (I truly believe that the current global success of beach volleyball is a direct result of the past and present influence and effort of Singin Smith) 


Sinjin is one of the very few great players that not only knows what to do, he can communicate HOW to do it.


Look for Sinjin on TV doing the commentating for the AVP and FIVB tour and check out Sinjin’s websites:



On a personal note:


A great deal of what I understand about beach volleyball is because of the privilege I had of practicing with and against Sinjin on a weekly basis at Sorrento and State Beaches -


(Along with the countless hours of studying Sinjin and Randy’s game film courtesy of Prime Ticket and my VCR during the 1980’s)


This experience would be similar to having the opportunity to consistently practice with and against Michael Jordon – (one can’t help but get better!)








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