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So, why should you let us assist you in becoming the very best beach volleyball player you can be?


Showing you what to do or how I play, is VERY different than training YOU how to physically, mentally and emotionally learn how to maximize YOUR unique abilities.


 (please read that again!)



Having your Triple A rating or playing in AVP or FIVB events, or even winning a Gold medal does NOT make anyone a good coach, it just means they were a good player - THAT'S IT!


Teaching beach volleyball is a VERY different skill than being a successful beach volleyball player.


I have one goal in mind: to maximize the unique abilities of a player or a coach, so they can become their very best!

Our expertise is not limited to only training one to master the skills of beach volleyball.


Equally important is our focus on exercising the mind and spirit of a person so that the physical skills and strategies, and the mental and emotional disciplines of beach volleyball, become normal and natural behavior.



- To be a high performance beach volleyball player the physical skills and mental disciplines must be a habit that one is fully committed to practice daily / it is a 100% committed life style.

- Effort, Attitude and Execution is the primary focus that can be controlled with motivated self-discipline, while results have many uncontrollable variables. Learning from the “journey” of each play is more important than any one win or loss result of a play.

- See more in a player than they see in themself and inspire them to “compete against themself" so they can maximize their unique abilities and become their very best (in relation to themself first, not others).

- Each player is a unique individual and should be treated and communicated with that in that in mind, in context of the training environment and situation.

- Train the hows, whys, whats and whens of all the physical, mental and emotional skills of the game so the player functionally understands the principles of what they are doing so they then can continuously adapt to the flow of the game / self-coach.

- All diet, and on and off the beach training, is specific to each athlete and must practically correlate to on the court performance.



- Inspiring players to give consistent focused effort with positive and fun energy all while teaching the physical, mental and emotional skills and principles of the game in a manner that makes functional sense for their way of learning – and get consistent results.

- Preparing the player for the entire game and all the games within the game including strategically adapting mentally and physically to their self, partner and opponent, and the referee, environment and specific game situation.

- I have a lot of fun and am very encouraging while also being extremely observant and detailed – my continual aim is for each player to perform every play with maximum effort, precise skill execution and awareness.

- Giving full effort and energy to a session and want the player to get more out of it than they expected so that at the end of a session the player is challenged, smiling and energized from what they experienced and accomplished.

- Continuing to learn and develop as a coach by studying the game, players, human behavior, and, exercise and nutrition that is specific to beach volleyball.




For over 10 years it was a true pleasure to have learned how to play beach volleyball by daily studying, playing against, and practicing with some of the greatest beach players of the 1970’s and 80’s - Sinjin Smith, Randy Stoklos, Jim Menges, Ron Von Hagen, Kent Steffes and Karch Kiraly, to name just a few.

Intently focusing in on only the commonalities of what, how and why the very best beach volleyball players performed (along with countless hours of training and practice) is what developed the foundation of how I performed as a player, but more importantly, the physical, mental and emotional skills I teach today.


My playing experience included 2 years as a full time player on the AVP tour and playing internationally until health challenges changed my focus from being a player to a coach.

It is an honor that what and how I teach beach volleyball is recognized and supported by the FIVB and, has influenced players, coaches and beach volleyball federations around the world, including recent Olympic medal winning players and coaches. 





  • 1996 – Present (20 years)
  • Advisor to coaches domestically and internationally, including Olympic medalists
  • Individual and group training of players from around the world.
  • U of Beach Volleyball was created in 2008 to help players and coaches of all levels, in any country be their very best.


Notable Recent Achievements


FIVB Beach Volleyball eBook video and text – Author – “How To Play Beach Volleyball – Skills: Techniques, Tactics, Strategy”

Triton Beach Volleyball Club coach


City of Manhattan Beach Adult coach

Director, Sinjin Smith & Randy Stoklos Beach Volleyball Camp, Hermosa Beach, CA


2014 USABV BCAP 1 coaching certification

USABV coach volunteer



Playing Experience


1983 – 1995


AVP (USA Pro) 

  • Achieved Top 40 Ranking 
  • Top Finishes:  7th 
  • Full-time Player 1989 – 1991 

International Pro 

  • Achieved Top 10 Ranking 
  • Top Finishes:  1st (3 times) 

Domestic Semi-Pro Tournaments 

  • Top Finishes: 3rd 

CBVA (California Beach Volleyball Association - Amateur) 

  • Achieved Triple A rating as a Left-side and Right-side Player 
  • Top Finishes: 1st (3 times) 




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Dan Doubroff Beach Volleyball Expert 


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