Beach Volleyball maybe the most physically and mentally demanding team sport in the world.


Beach Volleyball is quite possibly the most misunderstood sport in the world - (EVEN IF you are a long time player, coach or fan!)


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U of Beach Volleyball


If your goal is to be the best you can be, have Fun and Win:


You are in the right place!                   



To Be Your VERY Best in Beach Volleyball:                     



You MUST know what to do                          




You must know HOW to play consistently well.


(Knowing WHAT to do, is VERY different than knowing HOW to do it) 



Are you OK with that? 


If so, let's GO!



The fastest way to learn how to play and improve in Beach Volleyball is to see yourself play, see what you are doing well and what you can do better.



But don't stop there!



Next you must create new mental and physical beach volleyball habits and feelings so you can actually do what you want to do better. 


You won't find anyone better than the U of Beach Volleyball to walk with you step by step to become the VERY best beach volleyball player that you can possibly be - that we promise! 



What others are saying: 



When I lived in Sweden we didn't have a beach volleyball club in the town I lived in, so I had no foundation to stand on when it came to technique or basically anything in beach volleyball. I had to rely on friends and some good players in the area.



But then I found U of Beach Volleyball and I learnt so much from you. I studied your clips on YouTube and shared them with my former partner, so we could develop our skills.


I am so thankful for what you are doing, because it helps so many young players that has no club to train with. My hope is to become a professional beach volleyball player, and if I become that, I will owe you alot.


I can also add that I love to coach beginners, so your videos has not only helped me become a better player, but also helped me become a better coach. Keep up the good work!

God bless you and your associates


Anton Lossev - Bolivia



  I wanted to let you know that the FIVB eBook is quickly becoming my bible for beach volleyball.

I am an above average amateur player and I tend to make the same mistakes over and over, most noticeable as I get tired through the match (shanking serve receives, fumbling approaches etc..). I have incorporated a few of your exercises into my training and have seen improvements in my game with in a few weeks. My passing is the biggest improvement so far. I have been installing some of your weight training and sand exercises into my routine slowly as well.

The book is great and really helps me focus on my fundamentals. I plan on following the book closely in the off season and expect to see a big improvement in my play next season.

Thank you for putting that book together.

Thomas Burns - USA




This information is great, right now I'm promoting beach volleyball in Ecuador, organizing men's and women's tournaments and this eBook information is really important for our objectives.



I'm also a player, and I have improved a lot, with your advice.


As you know, not too many people offer the information, videos and the emails. I appreciate what your doing by keeping the beach volleyball family updated!



Fernando Escobar Mora


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Thanks for stopping by - let us know how we can help! 



Dan Doubroff


Dan Doubroff Beach Volleyball Trainer



 Be Your VERY Best!


U of Beach Volleyball





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